Room one Room two Room three Room four
10 - 18 december 04

the problem of filling up a gallery space

The gallery space was used to recreate an outdoor atmosphere – like a walk in a park. The gallery entrance was lit up by three traffic lights with red and white lights lying on the ground as spots for the show.

The first room was an oval room. A skyline of photographs from  the European Tour on the wall. An old wooden drawer served as the frame for a lazer print-out of a photo that we had taken from the skylight inside the bus of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. In the second room a collection of colourful health drinks from all over Europe were hanged up in the ceiling. The bottles were connected by a system of tubes. By connecting on to the system one could drink a mix of the refreshing mixture.

We would very much have liked to have our car in the exhibition. The idea was to blow out one wall and to drive in. Due to the oncoming winter, we had to leave the car for the winter in an old farm house in Geneva . The room was made into a reserved parking space for travelling vagabonds.

We had roamed the city and collected old drawers and boxes from containers and backyard recycling bins. In the fourth room we presented a horizontal column of home made light boxes that presupposed that the whole building would collapse if the column was broken.