aiPotu / Michael Fliri,
CORSO APERTO, Ticosa, Como, 8 July 2006

8m x 4m
Aluminum tubes for scaffolding
Used fence construction fabric with tags
20 foam balls in various colors.

It is the day before the world final in football. Italy is playing France. Along with 20 other students, we are participating in the Advanced Course in Visual Arts (CASV) held by the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como, Italy. After a week of introduction, the artist Cesare Pietroiusti proposes the Corso Aperto, a presentation of our way of working to the local community with visiting professor Marjetica Potrc.

Together with the artist Michael Fliri, we built an over dimensioned football goal (8mx12m). The goal was made from aluminum tubes used for scaffolding found in the old industrial building Ticosa, where the course is held. For a net we used an old masonry fabric found on the run down industrial building Ticosa.  

For the opening we bought 20 foam balls that were quickly spread throughout the space. For her project Alli Miller had hired two security guards to stand at the entrance. As visitors entered the building, they all received a number on their back by the guards, automatically becoming part of the collective game.  

The referee.

The theory about 3-sided football. Image taken from UKS forum.