Seilduksgata 25a, 0553 Oslo

In Oslo , we have started a steet café from our studio window called KAFFE (coffee in Norwegian). People walking by can knock on our window and receive a cup coffee for only 5 NOK. A great way to meet the neighbours.

Remember our world wide service! Through our internet café you can order our fresh home brewed coffee any where in the world and we send it to you directly from our window to yours.

You will receive a special designed cup for the coffee’s destination. We would like to send coffee free of charge, but due to current budget constraints we will have to charge you for the shipping costs.

Orders can be made through our e-mail address: aipotu_news@hotmail.com. Please leave your name, address and your choice of coffee.



Coffee                                          5       NOK

Coffee with milk                             5,50 NOK

Coffee with sugar                            5,50  NOK

Coffee with milk and sugar                     6       NOK


Order a special designed cup.

KAFFE, at our studio in Seilduksgata 25a.