Inndyr skole and aiPotu presents:

While working on our Flag Monument at Sørfinnset, we were invited to do a project with the children at Inndyr middle school. We proposed a project for the 9th grade to the headmaster and the staff, and in June, between final exams we did four day collaboration with the pupils. Rainbow Warriors was a collaborative visualization of the right to free speech and self expression. Throughout the time spent together, our focus was on the process of working together rather than on final outcome.

The first day we discussed the concept, shared proposals and together tried to break down common ideas. Our common goal was to make a demonstration where everyone chose their own cause to fight for. We made a schedule for rest of the week and ended the day with a presentation of aiPotu.

Throughout the following days we had workshops making posters, costumes and sculptures for the demonstration. Each student chose a color and were set to researched there own theme on the internet and in the library. With our new equipment we were going to explore the local area, the schoolyard (playing football), the town center and to places where most of us had never been before, unexplored land.

The third day we did expeditions to Fleinvær and Sørfugløy. Support from the local municipality we were sponsored with a boat and crew for one day. The boat normally serves as a taxi, ambulance and common transportation for the few people still living on the small islands outside Inndyr. We spent the day demonstrating. The scenery was incredible.

The last day we rearranged the classroom and made an exhibition there. A bar was made where you could get a refreshing milk shake. The local community as well as all the pupils of the school with the staff were invited to take part in the event.

Rainbow Warriors was a collaboration with: