Tøa junction, Sørfinnset, Norway, 9 May 2007

About two years ago, we were invited to make a public sculpture for the small community Sørfinnset. The aim was to make the local place more visible for travellers along the Coastal Route. The proposed project Flag Monument, a celebration of nomadic people, was accepted.  An open invitation for flag proposals was sent out in March 2006. The result was 20 unique flags honouring nomadic groups not represented by an official flag.

Flag Monument is initiated by the artist group aiPotu and constructed in collaboration with the community council of Sørfinnset, the sewing club Snellene and generous volunteer work from people from the local district.

The Flag monument has been sponsored by the Norwegian Arts Council, NBK Vederlagsfondet, Norland Fylkeskommune, GIFAS as and STK Produksjon AS.

During the opening the local priest played bag pipe and the local tinsmith fired his cannon.